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1 bag, 3 meals? Get the biggest bang for your grocery buck
Fox & Friends, September 27, 2014

“The recipes in this book are, as you’d expect from America’s Test Kitchen, delicious and easy-to-follow. But even better than the food, this cookbook will help instill a new way of thinking and cooking that is perfectly suited for the busy family kitchen. You can’t beat that.”

One Hungry Mama, September 18, 2014

“If you are crazed during the week and are always being asked, ‘What’s for dinner?’ This is the cookbook for you. The fact that it is written by America’s Test Kitchen was a huge selling point for me. Why? Because I know the recipes have been tested like crazy and they provide the rationale as to why they did what they did and what works.”

Hip Foodie Mom, September 8, 2014

“While I am no stranger to making things ahead, and I can attest to my natural planning and preparing habits that I have been saved by having things on hand many a time in the past, this book breaks down the process of meal preparation in a thorough, systematic way.”

Food for My Family, September 4, 2014

“If you struggle to get dinner on the table due to a short window of evening time, cooking ahead of time could be a real lifesaver for you. By doing some cooking on the weekend or before bed, or early in the morning, you could save yourself a lot of 5 PM stress. And of course, having dinner already prepped means that you won’t be tempted to eat out.”

The Frugal Girl, September 3, 2014

“This book has saved my bacon already and I’m going back for more. There are eight strategies for make ahead meals that you can’t beat, from slow cooker recipes like this ramen, to freezer meals, and ways to make a BIG dinner and then utilize all the leftovers in completely new creations (my favorite). And if you’re like Ben and I, we thrive on doing one shopping trip for the week and creating new meals out of it. The Make-Ahead Cook has a whole section on 1 Grocery Bag, Three Meals that is totally genius.”

Country Cleaver, September 3, 2014

“And if you know me and my love for make-ahead meals, you won’t be surprised that this book speaks to my soul. It’s filled with chapter after chapter of unbelievable recipes (I’ve made several already), all armed with make-ahead tips that will knock your socks off. What you get is basically 8 cookbooks in one. I am loving this book. Loving it. It is going to be a lifesaver for all those busy home cooks out there who need healthful, delicious dinners on the table, like, now.”

Mel’s Kitchen Cafe, September 2, 2014

“I think what most impressed me about this book is that it examines make-ahead strategies from numerous angles. From meals that are prepped ahead and cooked later, meals fully prepared in advance and ready to eat from the fridge, slow cooker and freezer options, they cover many different approaches to make-ahead cooking.”

Annie’s Eats, September 2, 2014

“… I was dying to tell everyone about this awesome cookbook that would give them all of these recipes and great ideas for prepping ahead of time.”

Oh, Sweet Basil, September 2, 2014

“ATK is so great about using real ingredients very smartly. You aren’t going to find a can of ‘cream-o-anything’ here, which I love. Every recipe takes up two whole pages. Each one has a large paragraph before the recipe about why it works, what they tried and didn’t work, and why they eventually went with the method they did. I think this is why I love their books so much; I get an education every time I open them and I really love that.”

Bless This Mess, September 2, 2014

“I always joke that I’m a ‘measure-once-cut-twice’ type of gal, and that’s why I need people who are otherwise. ATK is a ‘measure-a-million-times-cut-once’ kind of outfit. When you follow one of their recipes, you can be sure it will turn out perfectly and you’ll feel like a million bucks.”

In Praise of Leftovers, September 1, 2014